Floor Cloths

Floor cloths can be thought of as art for the floor. They are used to decorate a space as well as to protect floors that are heavily used such in front of the kitchen sink or in an entryway. However, because they have a flat smooth service, they cannot be used to wipe one’s feet.

Each floor cloth is painted on heavyweight primed canvas using non-toxic water based paints The painted cloth is then sealed using two coats of acrylic varnish on the bottom and three coats on the top. They are long lasting and usually just need to be cleaned using a damp cloth. Floor cloths should only be used on hard surfaces like wood or tile and it is highly recommended that they be placed over a non-stick under carpet rubber pad.

Sizes vary: 2ft x 3ft, 4ft square, long runners.
Custom work is welcomed! If you are interested, contact me to discuss details.